Wall-Hung vs. Floor-Standing: Which is better? basco September 13, 2022

Wall-Hung vs. Floor-Standing: Which is better?

Actually, when people visit our showroom for a general enquiry, they’ve already known what style they prefer, or they need. Most of the time, customers who choose floor-standing have clear direction, for example: the preference of more storage; the need to cover the pipe coming out of the floor; and the structure that the load bearing wall cannot carry the weight of a wall-hung vanity.

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Whilst the reasons why customers prefer wall-hung are: conciseness, modernity, and easy-cleaning. Wall-Hung vanity usually comes with one drawer or two, sometimes it comes with one drawer and one space. This is because it needs to ensure that there is enough and reasonable distance between the vanity and the floor. However, the u-shape gap in the drawer which is for the piping, reduces the storage capacity, you may need an additional cabinet that either comes with mirror, or hung aside. Otherwise, it may be untidy if you place all your stuff on the top!

Therefore, it is difficult to say which style is better as they both cater for different preference and needs.

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